Active Directory Security Assesment

Active Directory is a key component for corporates and nearly all threat actors and APT groups is targeting AD for gaining access to the crown jevels of company. For example APT29 and APT32 uses pass the ticket method to lateral movement. APT34 (OilRig) group uses Outlook Homepage feature for breaching external perimeter. With this service you can prevent or detect this kind of attacks and you can build resilient Active Directory environment.

Our Active Directory Security Assessment Service comprises

  • Active Directory Vulnerability Assessment
  • Privilege Escalation/Lateral Movement Attack Path Analysis
  • Domain Controller Auditing
  • Domain Computer (Client/Server) Auditing
  • Privileged Access Workstation Auditing
  • Exchange Server Auditing
  • Privileged User/Group Auditing
  • Group Policy Auditing
  • Password Auditing
  • Access Control List Auditing
  • Local Admin/User Auditing
  • Active Directory Administrative Tier Model Analysis
  • Active Directory Logging Auditing

Our team will detect and reveal

  • Active Directory vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses
  • Risky user/admin accounts with lateral movement and privilege escalation paths
  • Users or computers which have weak passwords
  • Group Policies which enforce vulnerable configurations
  • Local administrator accounts with same passwords
  • Risky access control entries which may lead privilege escalation
  • Exchange/Outlook vulnerabilities which may lead perimeter breach
  • Service accounts with elevated privileges

After this assessment, you can prevent or detect attack vectors below and much more

  • DcShadow
  • DcSync
  • Kerberoasting
  • AS-REP Roasting
  • NTLM Relay
  • LLMNR & NBTNS Poisoning
  • Group Policy Preferences Passwords Exploitation
  • Unconstrained Delegation Exploitation
  • Constrained Delegation Exploitation
  • Resource Based Constrained Delegation Exploitation
  • PrivExchange


  • Detailed report with identified attack vectors and risks
  • Mitigation, detection and prevention recommendations for identified risks
  • Detailed inventory lists
  • Visualized attack paths
  • Prioritized strategic action steps for securing Active Directory
  • One year Forestall Active Directory Security Documentation Library Access (Coming Soon)