Active Directory Security Assesment

Active Directory is a key component for corporates and nearly all threat actors are targeting AD for gaining access to the crown jewels. With this service you can reveal configuration weaknesses, lateral movement and privilege escalation paths before the attackers. In this way you can prevent and detect common Active Directory attack vectors with building more resilient environment.

AWS Security Assesment

AWS Security Assessment service helps you to detect vulnerabilities on multiple services like S3 buckets, EC2 instances and IAM policies and roles. Also, this assessment will reveal unused/forgotten inventories which causing unwanted expenses. This service comprises audit-style engagement and penetration testing methodologies both. That’s why we use read-only cross-account trust role created in your account.

Adversary Simulation

Forestall focuses and uses objection-based adversary-centric methods for assessing corporates detection capabilities. With these simulations we can reveal effectiveness of your security products and blue team’s incident response capabilities based on MTTD/MTTR metrics. These simulations also bring blue teams the experience of encountering a real adversary.